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Medical Electric Hospital Nursing Bed

A full electric hospital bed have specialized features both for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience of health caregivers. The electric medical bed features motor controls that raise the head,foot and height of the bed frame with a push of a button or a remote control buttons .

Integrates functions such as lifting the back, bending the legs, assisting sideways, overall lifting, tilting forward and backward, and is equipped with a doctor-patient interaction system, ensuring it meets the needs of both patients and caregivers.


nursing bed


Trendelenburg position of the hosptial nursing bed, where the patient's body is laid flat on the back with the legs elevated higher than the head, has been utilized in various medical settings for different purposes.

The potential benefits includes: Improving Venous Return, Reducing Airway Edema, Facilitating Surgical Procedures, Management of Intracranial Pressure (ICP), Aiding in Circulatory Shock, Preventing Hypotension During Anesthesia.

Reverse trendelenburg
In the reverse Trendelenburg position, the patient's head is elevated higher than the feet while the body remains flat. In this position, the feet are lower than the heart. It's used for: Improving Respiratory Function, Reducing Intracranial Pressure, Preventing Aspiration, Enhancing Surgical Exposure, Improving Circulatory Perfusion.
Turn right and turn left
Turning a patient to the right or left side in the medical electric nursing bed offers several benefits for patient care and comfort, particularly for those who are bedridden or have limited mobility. Here are some benefits: Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Respiratory Health, Improving Circulation, Comfort and Pain Management, Digestive Health, Psychological Well-being.
Back lifting
Back lifting of the nursing bed involves raising the upper part of the bed frame to elevate the patient's upper body while keeping the lower body flat. This positioning offers several benefits for patient care and comfort: Respiratory Support, acilitating Eating and Digestion, Enhancing Comfort, Facilitating Communication and Social Interaction, Promoting Circulation, Assisting with Wound Care, Facilitating Nursing Care.
Bending leg
Bending the legs of the electric mecical nursing bed involves raising the lower part of the bed frame to elevate the patient's legs while keeping the upper body flat. This positioning offers several benefits for patient care and comfort: Reducing Venous Stasis, Improving Circulation, Alleviating Leg Swelling, Enhancing Comfort and Relaxation, Assisting with Pain Management, Facilitating Wound Care, Promoting Respiratory Function.
One-button position 
The "One-button position" feature on the nursing beds typically allows caregivers to adjust the bed into various pre-set positions with the push of a single button, it's combined position of back lifting and bending legs. This functionality offers several benefits: Ease of Use, Enhanced Safety, Improved Patient Comfort, Promotion of Mobility and Independence, Facilitation of Clinical Procedures, Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Respiratory Support...
One-button bed flat
The "One-button bed flat" feature on  the medical electric nursing bed allows caregivers to quickly and easily lower the bed into a flat position with the push of a single button. This functionality offers several benefits for patients: Ease of Use, Enhanced Safety, Improved Patient Comfort, Facilitation of Clinical Procedures, Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Respiratory Support, Easier Patient Transfers.
Lifting up and down
Lifting up and down of the electric nursing bed, also known as height adjustment, offers several benefits for both patients and caregivers: Ease of Access, Transfer Assistance, Fall Prevention, Facilitation of Care Procedures, Enhanced Comfort, Promotion of Independence, Customization for Caregivers

Doctor-patient interaction system

The doctor-patient interaction system realize the real-time monitoring of Patient's physical sign status and bed status data, and summarize and display the data on the human-machine interface while uploading it to the cloud to form a report,notify medical staff Promptly when abnormal monitoring data occurs, and reporting physical signs can assist doctors in making better clinical treatment plans,Family members can also remotely receive patient sign information through the cloud, making it more reassuring for families who have temporarily left or do not have time to accompany.
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