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Sunlion most portable wireless full leg compression recovery boots VU-IPC06B, integrated with control pump, offer several benefits for athletes, aiding in their post-exercise recovery and overall performance. Here are some advantages:

Enhanced Recovery

The compression provided by the recovery boots, controlled by the wireless pump, promotes improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This can help reduce muscle soreness, inflammation, and accelerate the overall recovery process after intense physical activity.

Improved Circulation and Oxygenation:

Compression therapy provided by the recovery boots can enhance blood circulation and oxygenation in the muscles. This can lead to better nutrient delivery to the tissues, aiding in muscle repair and reducing the likelihood of fatigue.


Efficient Compression Therapy

Wireless control allows athletes to easily adjust treating time, compression levels and sequence patterns, tailoring the therapy to their specific needs. This adaptability ensures optimal recovery by targeting different muscle groups and addressing individual preferences.

User-Friendly Experience
The absence of cables installation simplifies the setup and usage of recovery boots, providing athletes with a more user-friendly experience. User just need to put boots on legs, wihtout plug or connect any tubes or power cables. This can lead to increased compliance and regular use of the recovery system, maximizing its benefits over time.
Enhanced Overall Performance

By supporting faster recovery, reducing muscle soreness, and improving overall well-being, wireless full leg recovery boots can contribute to enhanced athletic performance over time. Athletes may experience improved endurance, strength, and agility.

Prevention of Overuse Injuries:

Regular use of wireless recovery boots can contribute to the prevention of overuse injuries by promoting efficient recovery. Athletes can incorporate these sessions into their training regimen, potentially reducing the risk of cumulative stress on muscles and joints.

Athletes who frequently travel for competitions or training camps can benefit from the portability of wireless recovery boots. The absence of cables makes them easy to pack and use in various environments, ensuring consistent recovery routines regardless of location.

In summary, the integration of wireless full leg recovery boots with a control pump provides athletes with a convenient, customizable, and effective recovery tool. These benefits can contribute to the maintenance of peak physical condition and aid in achieving optimal performance levels.

Company Advantages

Our factory has 9001, ISO13485 and BSCI verified, standard, stable,reliable. We have obtained medical device CE by SGS, FDA registration, FDA 510K, EMS CE and RoHS and so on, providing superior quality products.

Warranty on each machine is 12 months,full testing on each machine assures good quality

With research and development team, we keep are strong at ODM and OEM service and keep innovative by developing new products according market trends.

Fast response to customers’ concerns, with technician team to support after-sale service.

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