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February 03, 2023

 ICU (abbreviation of INTENSIVE CARE Unit), that is, severely enhanced the nursing ward. Critical medical supervision is a kind of medical organization management that combines medical care technology that is integrated as a medical care technology with the development of new medical equipment, and the improvement of hospital management systems form.


Because the patients in the ICU ward are different from the condition of patients with general ward, their ward structure design, environmental requirements, bed function, peripheral equipment, etc., are different from ordinary ward, and the ICUs of different specialties and devices required to be equipped are also each. Are not the same. The design and equipment configuration of the ward shall be based on the principle of satisfying the needs, easy rescue, and reducing pollution.


We all know that there are many patients with inconvenient actions in the intensive care unit and should not be moved, back, hug, etc., such as fractures, cerebral hemorrhage, postoperative and various patients with severe severe severe severe patients. This is undoubtedly to increase the work intensity to the medical staff.


The selection of the ICU bed should be suitable for the characteristics of ICU patients, and the following functions should be available:


1. Multi -body adjustment can meet different clinical needs.


2. Can help patients turn over with control through pedaling or handheld control.


3. Convenient operation can control the bed body movement in multiple directions.


A patient developed by patients with severe illnesses is mainly adapted to patients who are inconvenient and should not be moved, back, hug, etc., such as fractures, cerebral hemorrhage, postoperative and various dangerous patients. Comfortable bed service. This product adopts a unique transmission method, which allows patients to smoothly, obstacle above, bed (or surgical bed) without any movement, and telescopic mobile boards can be well consistent with the patient's body curve, which can effectively avoid avoiding it. Patients' secondary damage, at the same time, minimize the patient's pain and the labor intensity of medical staff




The smart transfer trolley is an electric transfer  device that facilitates the transfer of a single  patient.It is suitable for medical institutions and  recreational institutions, specializing in solving the  transport problems of the elderly, the seriously ill  and those with limited mobility in the process of  consultation, referral, examination and surgery.


The transport of critically ill and surgical  patients has always been a problem for  healthcare professionals and families.  Especially for postpartum, fracture,  cerebral hemorrhage, postoperative and  overweight patients, each patient will  experience multiple lifts during the  consultation and referral process.


Health care workers suffered different  degrees of physical damage during the  handling process. According to the survey,  healthcare workers suffer from spinal injury,  lumbosacral pain, and lumbar disc  protrusion due to improper handling posture,  and their safety is also threatened by  instrument entrapment during transfer.


All kinds of adverse medical consequences  caused by the traditional handling of patients  can cause certain medical disputes, which  can affect the normal operation of medical  institutions, and even endanger the personal  safety of the health care workers, causing an  irreversible negative impact on the reputation  of medical institutions.


The smart transfer trolley is easy and safe to use, solving the  problem of secondary injuries to patients and greatly reducing  the risk of causing medical disputes.


This product features good moisture wicking. Through ventilation, it provides heat and moisture management to repel sweat away and create a cool and breathable feeling.

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