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FR01 is the first model that our team designed it, this model is rechargeable and with mirror glove,mini machine easy to carry and use.

Single-finger training:

Studies have shown that single-finger training may greatly enhance the rehabilitation outcome, During the separate finger exercise, the patient can also configure the flexion and extension times independently based on muscle tension to assist with finger flexion and extension.

Air compression massage therapy (Optional):

This is another distinguishing feature of the Vrehab-M1 that serves as an aid in hand rehabilitation training. Massage for a few minutes before training can promote the circulation of blood and lymphatic tissues, accelerate the return of blood tissues, clear blocked blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and activate vascular cells; after training, it can improve cell vitality, absorption of body tissues, and promote the heart and brain blood vessels, thereby relieving soreness.

Passive Flexion and Extension Training:

The patient wears the rehabilitation glove on the affected hand and turns on the passive mode. The recommended flexion and extension exercise is 20 minutes each time, 2 to 4 times a day.

Task-Oriented Rehabilitation Gloves:

Task-oriented training involves practicing real-life tasks ( using the doorknob or answering a telephone), with the intention of acquiring or reacquiring a skill (defined by consistency, flexibility. and efficiency). Portable Rehabilitation Robotic Gloves: FR01 will assist patients to perform these daily life tasks by detecting minimal hand movements and assisting them to accomplish the intended movement

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