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December 21, 2022

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 DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS is a blood clot that forms in a vein in the body :


The formation of venous thrombosis is reduced by various reasons that cause the calf vein return pressure, leading to the formation of thrombosis. Most of them occur in patients with lower limb or pelvic abdominal surgery, severe trauma, acute infection, pregnancy, malignant tumors, and heart disease. The calf vein return pressure is reduced, blood viscosity increases, increased platelets, and increased blood coagulation due to various reasons. When the vessel endothelium is slightly damaged, platelets can be adhered to the formation of platelet thrombosis, then fibrin is calm, thrombosis, thrombosis Increase and stop the vascular cavity.


Deep vein thrombosis of the calf: often occurs in deep veins of the calf, such as posterior tibial veins and glyphone veins. It is more common in patients with less movement, often occurred in the second week after surgery. The left lower limbs are the most common. The characteristic manifestation is the muscle pain and tenderness of the calf Philip. After the movement, the feeling of severe pain is severe, and the feet are more flexion. The symptoms of the whole body are not significant. There may be HOMAN signs during examination, that is, the calf is straight, the feet are flexed, and the gastrointeus muscle intraocular varicose veins are trapped and pain occurs. The peripheral diameter of the gastrointestinal muscle can also appear more than 5cm thicker than the healthy side.

Most deep vein blood clots occur in the lower leg or thigh. They also can occur in other parts of the body. A blood clot in a deep vein can break off and travel through the bloodstream. The loose clot is called an embolus (EM-bo-lus). It can travel to an artery in the lungs and block blood flow. This condition is called pulmonary embolism (PULL-mun-ary Em-bo-lizm), or PE. PE is a very serious condition. It can damage the lungs and other organs in the body and cause death.


Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) is a manifestation of venous thromboembolism (VTE). Although most DVT is occult and resolves spontaneously without complication, death from DVT-associated massive pulmonary embolism (PE) causes as many as 300,000 deaths annually in the United States.


Treatment options for DVT include the following:


Anticoagulation (mainstay of therapy) - Heparins, warfarin, factor Xa inhibitors, and various emerging anticoagulants
Pharmacologic thrombolysis
Endovascular and surgical interventions

Physical measures (eg, DVT compression massager therapy)




DVT air compression therapy leg massager helps you prevent such disease happen by improve your blood circulation with the air pressure therapy designed to offer convenient DVT prevention. Based on clinically proven technology, the innovative, pre-set pressure cycle provides compression therapy to the leg that mimics the blood flow when you are walking, helping to prevent the formation of dangerous blood clots deep inside the leg.


How do DVT compression massager work?


The pressure created by the DVT compression massage pushes fluid up the leg, which allows blood to flow freely from the legs to the heart. DVT compression massage not only improve blood flow, but also reduce swelling and pain. They are particularly recommended for the prevention of DVT because the pressure stops blood from pooling and clotting.


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