How to prevent bed sores for the bedridden patients at home or in hospital? | Sunlion

December 12, 2022

The prevention of bedsores has the "five frequently" key points, that is, turning over frequently, scrubbing frequently, tidying up frequently, checking frequently, and changing washing frequently.

Scrub frequently, scrub the body of patients regularly, especially those with incontinence, they need to scrub in time to keep the skin clean and dry, and avoid irritating the skin by dirt.

Tidy up frequently. The bed should be kept flat and moderately soft and hard. Soft pillows or clothes can be placed on the bony protruding parts to relieve the pressure on the bony protruding parts and prevent friction and rupture.

Check frequently and regularly check the skin condition, especially the long-term pressure parts. If erythema and superficial ulceration appear, it is a mild decubitus sore, and care omissions need to be corrected in time.

Change and wash frequently, and change and wash the patient's clothes and bed sheets frequently, especially in hot summer weather, beware of perspiration infiltrating the skin, bony protruding parts or erythema conditions, timely protection and medication treatment.

Turn over frequently, that is, help the patient turn over and change the lying position. Turn over every 1-2 hours during the day, and no longer than 3 hours at night, to avoid long-term pressure on the local skin, and use an anti-decubitus air mattress to improve pressure. situation.

Clinical observations show that many patients do not pay attention to prevention during the recuperation period, and do not pay attention to and deal with them in time after mild symptoms appear on the compressed part, which gives the opportunity for decubitus to worsen and aggravate. In fact, decubitus should be prevented, checked and diagnosed early. Preventing bedsore must not be neglected.

Xiamen weiyou factory directly intelligent alternating pressure mattress is an ideal aid for bedridden patient care to prevent bed sores. The anti bedsore air mattress does not only provide alternating pressure massage, but also can help user to turn over and sit up, which make the daily care for bedridden patient much easier.

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