Who is Easily Suffer from Lymphoedema? Lymphatic Drainage Helps Lymphatic Liquid out the Body | SunLion

December 05, 2022

There are about 200 million patients in the world, suffering from lymphatic edema and it is growing rapidly every year. So the question is, what kind of people is prone to lymphatic edema?


1. People who have experienced malignant tumors


The characteristics of malignant tumors are growing faster at the meaning time with high mortality and no obvious symptoms in the early stage. The symptoms only be found until people having conventional medical examinations at hospital. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma, etc. They are common malignant tumors in our daily life. Generally speaking, the treatment methods are mainly surgery and radiation. If having radiation therapy after surgery, the probability of edema will greatly increased, because radiation will destroy the capillary lymphatic vessels, causing the lymphatic cycle that has just been rebuilt to collapse again.


2. Women


Women are prone to lymphatic edema than men, and the incidence is twice as many as men. Lymph swelling after a cancer surgery is a very common phenomenon. The limbs are swollen and the clothes are not beautiful. Many tumor surgery will do local lymph nodes after surgery. This is to avoid tumor recurrence or metastasis, but it can cause lymphadenopathy.


3. Varic veins in the lower limbs


The varicose vein system and lymphatic system have many similarities in terms of structure and functions. For example, if they have valve, they are flowing to the heart, they are responsible for the function of conveying the liquid, and there is a traffic branch between the lymphatic vessels and veins. In some cases, interoperability between the two systems. Therefore, the long -term lower limb veins, the valve closure of the partial session caused tissue edema, which is very easy to spread to the lymphatic circulation of the lymphatic vessels, which leads to the secondary expansion of the lymphatic vessels, which causes the lymphatic duct function and lymphatic edema. At this time, the edema of the limbs is the venous vein The result of the dual -system lesion, so it is also called venous -lymph -hybrid edema.


Special Pressure sleeves can put pressure on the arm or legs to help liquid excrete the swollen limbs. Doctor suggest that use devices such as air pressure massage Lymphatic drainage to help lymphatic liquid out your arms or legs. They will wear inflatable sleeves or boots on the swollen part of the patient, pump into the air filling device, and then gradually deflate in a specific way, squeeze the lymphatic fluid to the body


Lymphatic drainage is a very light technique designed to assist with the circulation of subcutaneous fluid. Excessive fluid build up can happen due to recent surgeries, sporting injuries, pregnancy, lymphedema,chronic illnesses and more.


  Lymphatic drainage can bu used in combination with gentle exercise to encourage movement of fluid and give the lymphatic system a bit of helping hand. After a treatment you can notice a slight change of less swelling in the foot and the ankle,improved joint movement,less numbness and tingling


Lymphatic drainage massage relieves swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels. It relaxes your mental muscles. Aids lymphatic flow in your sinuses key to deeper healthier breathing. Strengthens your immune system


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