World Cup ‖ Passionate arena, letting recovery easy with leg massager, earn surging life!

November 24, 2022

Four years a reincarnation.

The World Cup is like a magic ruler. People and things related to it is the most precise scale to help measuring trajectory of the years and recording our growth. At the World Cup in Qatar, same performance occurs.

Galindez--Persevere Silently for the Dream

Ecuadorian goalkeeper Galindez, born in 1987, is actually an Argentine, same age and hometown as football superstar Messi.

In junior competition, he and Messi had battled frequently. Although Messi became famous as a teenager, Galindez's team also defeated Messi's ever. At one competition, they also won a bunch of prizes- ten bicycles by conquering Messi's team.

Later, Messi went to Spain to play football. Galinders no longer had any intersection with Messi.

In 2010, the team that Galinders joined was unfortunately relegated. As a goalkeeper, he was under tremendous pressure and even received death threats. Then, he left Argentina in 2012 to join a second division team in Ecuador, helping the team successfully upgrade. Finally, he settled in Ecuador. After several years of persistence, Galindez earns what he want.

In the 2021 Copa America, the 34-year-old Galindez was selected for the Ecuadorian national team for the first time to fight against Argentina team in the quarter-finals. He and Messi encountered each other on the court with a gap of so many years.

Today, he represents Ecuador to fight again in the World Cup.

The way of life is different. Messi, only one, but Galindez represents more people who insists on dreams and life all the time.

As long as you move forward, there is always a chance to usher in the shining moment of life.

Muftah--Real Winner

At the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar, a "half-length guy" won the cheers of the audience and shocked countless people. Who is he?

The "half-length guy", 20 years old, named Muftah, who  is one of  ambassadors at World Cup 2022. He is currently studying for a university degree with the goal of becoming a diplomat.

In 2002, Mufta was born in Qatar. Unfortunately, he suffers from an extremely rare disease - caudal degenerative syndrome (CDS), which causes patients to lose their lower body at birth, but Mufta did not surrender to his fate. He believes that you should use everything you have instead of clinging to what you don't have. With the help of his parents, he learned to walk with his hands and participated in various sports actively and optimistically. He can be found in green fields, swimming pools, and skateboarding rinks, even in extreme sports.

On personal social media, Mufta has more than 3 million fans. Physical defects did not make him bow his head. he always smiled at the camera. The attitude towards life has won him love, respect and admiration. What's more, his courage to face difficulties has made him an ambassador for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

He said he loves football because football is a sport of unity which can bring peace to the world. He is determined to continue breaking his own personal records to fulfill his philanthropic mission wholeheartedly. Mufta is eager to prove to the world that physical disability does not mean surrender to fate. Everyone has the right to chase their dreams.

The name Mufta means "Victor" in Arabic. As the name, one who does not surrender to one's destiny is the real winner!

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