Do you know ? How lymphedema caused people in horrible health issues ?

November 23, 2022

Today about 250 million people in the world suffer from lymphatic edema, of which about 170 million people suffer from secondary lymphatic. But a grate number of people still haven’t 

realized how dangerous lymphedema can be.  Let’s see :

1. Impacting patient’s normal life. Some patients are inconvenient to walk because their legs become so heavy and big. Time went by and their life quality will become worse and worse

2. Lymphophaphy can be infected repeatedly, and even this severe infection will endanger patient’s life

Due to the swelling and deformation of the affected limb, it can cause physical dysfunction, affect the quality of life of patients, and even affect the patient's psychological and physiological health.


But do you also know physical therapy with a lymphedema specialist can help with symptom management? Physical therapy for lymphedema involves draining swelling in the affected extremity as well as recommendation of compression garments compression boots. lymphatic drainage machine to prevent swelling. Pneumatic compression devices air commonly recommended as an adjunct to lymphedema treatment. Given the benefits of pneumatic compression devices, earlier initation may offer a superior value to patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare systems. 

Compression therapy is the best way for treating lymphedema : One involves intensive interventions to reduce swelling and any skin changes. 

Using an advanced pneumatic device like SunLion recovery boots 12 chamber compression device to treat lymphedema can help reduce swelling, improve swallowing function,and increase patients’ ability to self-manage their lymphedema which is approved by professional physical therapy specialist.

 Compression therapy which are used for many different injuries or ailments. The compression therapy device create pressure extra fluid out of a certain area. This improves blood flow to that part of the body and helps it heal faster.  This is a great tool for many to help keep fluid moving out of the congested area. 

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