In-depth understanding air pressure physical therapy device

September 26, 2022

Q1: The working principle of the air pressure physical therapy device

The air pressure physical therapy device repeatedly and effectively pressurizes the limbs and then relieves the pressure through the multi-chamber airbag, which produces the contraction and relaxation of muscles, which is equivalent to a "muscle pump". During pressurization, the congested veins are emptied by squeezing venous blood and lymph to the proximal end; during decompression, the blood is fully returned, and the arterial blood supply is rapidly enhanced, thereby significantly increasing the blood flow velocity and blood flow, and increasing the oxygen supply. and other nutrients to promote metabolism.

Q2: Is the pressure value of the air pressure physical therapy device the bigger the better?

Obviously, the answer is no. Healthy ordinary people can adjust the appropriate pressure according to their own pressure tolerance and comfort level. Patients or people with special circumstances need to follow the doctor's advice to set the appropriate pressure.

Q3: Who can't use the air pressure physical therapy device?

As a physiotherapy device, if the air pressure physical therapy device is used improperly, it will not only fail to achieve the effect of rehabilitation physiotherapy, but may also cause harm to the human body. So who can't use the airwave pressure therapy device? Patients with pulmonary insufficiency, patients with tuberculosis, patients with local tumors, severe heart disease, cardiac insufficiency, unstable hypertension, patients using implanted electronic devices (such as pacemakers), venous cancer, thrombophlebitis (It can cause vascular blockage), arteriosclerosis, edema with renal insufficiency, pregnant women and other skin and wound infections patients cannot use the air wave pressure therapy device. Remember these taboos to avoid caring for harm. 

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