Do you know what’s benefits and how to use the air compression recovery boots for patients

September 26, 2022

Benefit of air compression recvoery boots 

The air compression recovery boots is a kind of instrument that is often used at present, mainly by applying pressure on the limbs to promote the return of blood and lymph to achieve the purpose of treatment. The specific functions are as follows:


1. Treatment of lymphedema: Part of lymphedema is caused by lymphatic reflux disorder. After air wave pressure treatment, lymphatic fluid can be refluxed and limb edema can be reduced;


2. Prevention of thrombus: Many patients stay in bed for a long time after surgical treatment. After bed rest, due to the lack of physical activity, venous thrombosis is finally formed. Once venous thrombosis is formed, it may cause more serious consequences, such as pulmonary embolism, which is one of the important causes of death of patients. Therefore, in order to prevent thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, air wave pressure therapy can be performed on postoperative patients. In addition, for chronic lower extremity swelling, venous insufficiency or chronic thrombosis syndrome, because lower extremity edema is more serious, it can also be treated by air wave pressure, and it has a certain effect, so it is necessary to pay attention to the use of air wave pressure therapy equipment.


What are the main differences between the Compression Boots & the Infinity Boots?

The main difference is the Infinity Boots are portable and the Compression boots require to be plugged into an outlet during use.

For most, our Compression Boots will suffice. As long as you are near an outlet you will be able to use and enjoy recovery. For those who want the full recovery experience, plus added portability, the Infinity Boots are for you!

What are the benefits?

Our innovative compression technology accelerates your body's natural healing process by facilitating blood flow to targeted muscle groups, resulting in cellular repair and flushing toxins like lactic acid.

How much pressure should I use?

It is a matter of preference. Even though the lowest pressure setting provides benefit, the pressure setting is up to the user. It is recommended to start at the low end and work your way up as needed.

How often can it be used?

Kingsfield Compression Boots for recovery are designed for multiple uses a day. You may use before and after your training sessions. Consult your physician on treatment protocols best suited for your medical needs.

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