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March 01, 2023

 The smart transfer bed is an electric transfer  device that facilitates the transfer of a single  patient.It is suitable for medical institutions and  recreational institutions, specializing in solving the  transport problems of the elderly, the seriously ill  and those with limited mobility in the process of  consultation, referral, examination and surgery.


The smart transfer trolley is easy and safe to use, solving the problem of secondary injuries to patients and greatly reducing the risk of causing medical disputes.

No relative motion between the patient and bed during transfer !! The electric transfer trolley ensures that patients can safely, smoothly and comfortably transfer between surgical beds of different heights, hospital beds and transfer trolleys in lying, sitting or side-lying positions without the need to move, effectively reducing the trouble of transferring between beds for people with limited mobility.



The transport of critically ill and surgical  patients has always been a problem for  healthcare professionals and families.  Especially for postpartum, fracture,  cerebral hemorrhage, postoperative and  overweight patients, each patient will  experience multiple lifts during the  consultation and referral process


Improper handling can bring secondary  injuries to the patient, such as increased  wound pain, bone dislocation, vascular and  wound tears, etc. This not only brings great  pain to the patient, but also prolongs the  treatment time, increases the patient's  medical costs and other adverse medical  consequences such as personal injury.

 Health care workers suffered different  degrees of physical damage during the  handling process. According to the survey,  healthcare workers suffer from spinal injury,  lumbosacral pain, and lumbar disc  protrusion due to improper handling posture,  and their safety is also threatened by  instrument entrapment during transfer.


All kinds of adverse medical consequences  caused by the traditional handling of patients  can cause certain medical disputes, which  can affect the normal operation of medical  institutions, and even endanger the personal  safety of the health care workers, causing an  irreversible negative impact on the reputation  of medical institutions.


Convenient operation. The product has an intelligent electric power system, using high-quality lifting system, reliable braking, flexible implementation. Intelligent control panel and electric drive up and down to  make the family or medical staff single person operation control freely. Safety precautions are  complete, easy to operate, save time and effort, safe and fast. Facilitates cleaning and care. Temporary relocation of the patient to facilitate cleaning of the bed and patient care. Meets medical device specification requirements. Smart transfer trolley meets the requirements of the national medical device basic specification



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