How to use the air compression therapy device correctly in the hospital?

February 17, 2023

------Applicable Diseases of Air Compression Therapy Device

  1. ① Stroke patients

  2. ② After major and medium surgery

  3. ③ Blood hypercoagulation state

  4. ④ Long-term bed rest, surgical immobilization or passive position for more than 72 hours

  5. ⑤ Multiple trauma

  6. ⑥ People with increased blood viscosity

  7. ⑦ Venous vessel injury

  8. ⑧ Others, etc.

  9. ------Contraindications of Air Compression Theray Device

  10. ① Pulmonary embolism

  11. ② Acute thrombophlebitis

  12. ③ Severe hypertension, cardiac insufficiency and heart disease, etc.

  13. ④ Severe edema of lower extremities, acute pulmonary edema

  14. ⑤ dysfunction

  15. ⑥ Others, etc.

------Operation Method of Air Compression Theray Device

① Check the doctor's instructions, first talk to the patient and understand the patient's condition and related laboratory tests;

② Assess the skin condition of the patient's lower limbs and rule out the absence of thrombus at the treatment site. At that time, communicate with the patient and actively cooperate with the treatment;

③ Check the air wave therapy device carefully to make sure that the device is in good condition and can be used;

④ Turn on the power and turn on the switch, and place the air wave pressure therapy device next to the patient's bed;

⑤ Assist patients to find a suitable posture for treatment;

⑥ Take out the leg sleeves of the air wave therapy device, put them on the two lower limbs respectively, then take out the sleeves and connecting tubes, put them on for the patient, and stick the connecting tubes according to the standard;

⑦ Set the mode, time, pressure, speed, etc. that match the patient;

⑧ Press start to start treatment;

⑨ During the treatment process, communicate with patients in a timely manner to ensure the status of patients and observe their vital signs and discomfort;

⑩ At the end of the treatment, remove the air pressure leg sleeves in time, put them in place, and check the skin condition of the patient's lower limbs, etc., and record them in the book in time for later viewing.

------Precautions of Air Compression Theray Device

① During the treatment process, do not wear elastic stockings or external elastic bands;

② If the patient experiences pain or discomfort during the use of the air wave pressure therapy device, check whether the treatment site is suitable and whether the ankle is naturally relaxed, etc.;

③ For patients who need treatment for both lower extremities, it is recommended to treat one of the lower extremities first, and then perform air wave pressure therapy for the other lower extremity after the treatment is completed and rest for 30-60 minutes;

④ Special attention should be paid to patients with deep vein thrombosis in patients with lower extremities. This treatment can only be done when the disease has passed the acute stage and the course of the disease has exceeded 50 days, in order to avoid various complications and other phenomena appear;

⑤ If there is a wound on the patient's lower limbs, aseptic dressing should be performed first, and then the air wave pressure therapy device should be used to prevent cross-infection between the wound and equipment;

⑥ During the treatment process, pay attention to the patient's condition in a timely manner. If any discomfort occurs, it is recommended to stop the treatment immediately;

⑦ It is recommended to use the air pressure therapy device for 30 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day, and 15 days as a course of treatment;

⑧ Put away the equipment in time after use, and avoid being near various sharp objects, flammable and explosive items;

⑨ The elderly, infirm and pregnant women should use the air wave pressure therapy device with caution to avoid accidents.

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