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February 16, 2023

Reasons for the fatigue of

  1. 1. Muscle fatigue. During the exercise of extremely and nearly important aerobic intensity, the cause of fatigue is mainly due to the limitation of the working ability of the oxygen transportation system. When fierce exercise, ATP and CP are decomposed into lactic acid to participate in energy supply under anaerobic conditions. During the energy supply process, the lactic acid in the muscle is also the main primary large of exercise fatigue with the extension time of the exercise time. It can increase by about 30 times, forming lactic acid stacking, and increased muscle osmotic pressure to increase the moisture content in the muscles to reduce the stiffness of the muscles to reduce the muscle strength and the lactic acid accumulation hindered the excitement of the neurotic muscle contact. Restriction of phosphate kinase and reducing the amount of coenzyme and its activity to inhibit sugar and leathery to slow the synthesis rate of ATP, resulting in a decrease in the ability of calcium ion concentration to reduce the ability of muscle contraction and relaxation, forming fatigue. At the same time, due to the infiltration of moisture into the muscle fiber, the physical expansion of the muscles compresses the muscle's pain nerve, and the muscle soreness is produced.

2. Fatigue of the nervous system. Nervous system fatigue is a protective mechanism of the human body. The highest level of the central nervous system of a person is the cerebral cortex. In muscle movement, a large number of excitement is introduced into the cerebral cortex center to cause the brain's nerve cells to be frequently stimulated and highly excited. For a short time, the inhibitory process of cortex cells gradually strengthened, which reduced the level of muscle functional activity to cause fatigue.


Recovery methods and measures

1. Restore in training class. This recovery method has attracted attention in modern sports training. It has a timely elimination of high -intensity loads than traditional training recovery methods. The normal role of other raw values. Theoretical analysis: Various physiological functions of muscles do not begin to recover after the end of the muscle exercise. In muscle exercise, as energy and material are continuously consumed, after the decomposition is continuously synthesized, the recovery process is continuously proceeding. This internal recovery often attracts attention, only emphasizes the break and recovery methods after training, and the recovery of the ability to work in muscle system is directly related to the recovery method of the muscle.

2. Practice has proved that after a high -intensity load training, the athletes have a lactic acid accumulation in the muscle that directly causes muscle muscle to reduce lactic acid increased pH and decrease muscle strength. Special recovery training with medium intensity can accelerate the elimination of blood lactic acid. According to the verification of blood lactic acid, it is completely eliminated to a quiet level. Static recovery requires 1-2H, and the enthusiastic recovery is only 30-60 minutes, while the middle-intensity recovery lactic acid is eliminated faster.



Then What is enthusiastic recovery?


There are actually many methods

1. Hot compresses, when hot compresses can cause increased local blood circulation, it will take away excessive secretion of lactic acid, causing the body lactic acid to be accelerated to absorb;

2. Artificial massage, massage is to manually reduce the accumulation of lactic acid to promote rapid absorption of lactic acid.

3. It can do appropriate mild aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise can improve local blood supply and increase blood flow rate, thereby increasing the metabolic speed of local lactic acid accumulation, and appropriately reducing muscle soreness caused by lactic acid stimulation.

4. Also can with microwave physiotherapy for partially. Microwave physiotherapy will obviously improve local blood supply. At the same time, it is recommended to pay attention to rest

5. Air pressure therapy device. 


-Relief muscle pains.

️--Increase blood circulation to the treated areas.

️-Promote lymphatic fluid movement.

-️Remove lactic acid, relieve sorness.

-️Improve flexibility, stimulating recovery and enhancing performance.

-️Prevent thrombus, reduce limbs drops.


Helping you recover faster

Improving your training

Improving your mobility

Maximin your performance

Decreasing pain and soreness


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