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February 06, 2023

Deep vein thrombosis is a relatively common disease in vascular surgery. The patient's blood clots abnormally in the vein, causing a series of symptoms. This disease belongs to lower extremity venous reflux disorder, and it often occurs after certain major operations, especially major orthopedic operations. In addition to patients undergoing orthopedic surgery, high-risk groups for deep vein thrombosis include office white-collar workers and long-term bedridden patients. Factors associated with the disease include a hypercoagulable state, slow blood flow, and venous injury. So what are the risks of deep vein thrombosis? We must be alert to the three hazards of deep vein thrombosis?

deep vein thrombosis dvt

  1. 1. Pulmonary embolism: The thrombosis in the veins of the lower extremities falls off and flows back into the pulmonary artery, causing pulmonary embolism. Severe cases can be life-threatening;

  2. 2. Femoral leukoplakia: more common in large areas of thrombus, which can cause obstruction of venous return and interruption of arterial blood supply, resulting in ischemic necrosis of limbs;

  3. 3. Sequelae of deep vein thrombosis: thrombosis damages deep vein valves, resulting in blood backflow Obstructed, long-term venous hypertension leads to skin ulcers of the lower extremities.

How to check if there's deep vein thrombosis in body?

1. Swelling of the lower limbs. Deep vein thrombosis can cause swelling in the lower extremities. The more obvious the swelling, the more serious the condition is, which is a manifestation of blood return disturbance. Some patients who underwent orthopedic surgery were very successful, but died suddenly a few days after the operation, because of deep vein thrombosis. It is very important to detect deep vein thrombosis in time. If you find swelling in your lower limbs, you must be vigilant and carry out relevant inspections.

2. Pain. Pain is a typical manifestation of deep vein thrombosis, including local deep tenderness and dorsiflexion pain. During the physical examination, by squeezing the calf, the patient will feel obvious pain deep in the calf, which indicates that there is deep vein thrombosis in the calf. If there is tenderness at the base of the thigh, it indicates the presence of femoral vein thrombosis. 

3. Complications. Deep vein thrombosis can cause various complications, such as compartment syndrome, superficial vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, etc. When the lower extremity is swollen to a certain extent, distal extremity ischemia will occur, leading to compartment syndrome. After the thrombus hits the lung tissue, it will lead to pulmonary embolism, causing dyspnea, and if not treated in time, it will be life-threatening.

Deep vein thrombosis is a very common condition, more common in severely inactive people.  Well noted above hazards of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), it's important to prevent the dvt. Based on this, Sunlion specifically design and produce the dvt compression pump to prevent dvt, to bring healthy lifestyle!

dvt pump

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