How to get rid of muscles pain caused by lactic acid buildup and rapid recovery after workout? | SunLion

January 17, 2023

There are many reasons for muscle soreness after exercise, mainly related to lactic acid accumulation, delayed onset muscle soreness, soft tissue damage and other factors. Exercising for a long time or suddenly increasing the amount of exercise will lead to anaerobic glycolysis of muscle fiber tissue after exercise. If accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms, you should go to the hospital in time and take targeted treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

1. Lactic acid accumulation: When the human body is exercising, the body will consume a lot of energy and oxygen, and the decomposition rate of muscle glycogen will also be accelerated. At this moment, the muscles will be in a state of relative hypoxia, and the glycogen will be converted into lactic acid through pyruvic acid to store lactic acid in the muscles. Due to the excessive accumulation of lactic acid, local blood vessels are compressed, which will cause muscle soreness.

muscles pain

arm shoulder muscles pain

2. Delayed onset muscle soreness: Without warm-up before exercise, the muscles are in a state of tension, which can lead to symptoms of muscle soreness after exercise. Most of them are normal and can be relieved by massage.

Delayed onset muscle soreness

3. Soft tissue injury: When the patient exercises, the exercise method is inappropriate, or the amount of exercise increases, resulting in local muscle soft tissue injury, which may also induce aseptic inflammation. Therefore, there will be muscle soreness after exercise, and you should stop exercising immediately at this time.

Make adequate preparations before exercising, properly stretch the active muscles, do low-intensity aerobic exercise, or low-load weight training, which can relax the joints in the active parts of the muscles and accelerate blood circulation.

There are multiple ways to relieve leg pain from lactic acid accumulation or delayed oneset muscle soreness:  rest, hot compresses,  physical therapy, etc.

1. Rest: The accumulation of lactic acid causes leg pain. The easiest way is to rest, which can help the body's cell metabolites to be excreted, and can also fully deliver the body's supplementary nutrients to the damaged parts for repair.


2. Hot compress: It is the most effective way. Applying hot compress to the sore local muscles can promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, and accelerate the relief and recovery of muscle soreness, especially with slight stretching exercises or massage, which will accelerate the process. Get rid of delayed onset muscle soreness and bring it back to normal.

3. Massage: Massaging the sore muscles of the legs can help relax the muscles, promote acid discharge and blood circulation of the muscles, and help the recovery of sore muscles. Massage the sore muscle itself, massage and push along the direction of the muscle.


4. Physical therapy tool: Sunlion preossotherapy machines provides comfortable  compression massage therapy for muscles, helping muscles get rid of muscles pain caused by lactic acid buildup after workout, improving lymphatic drainage and enhancing blood circulation. Besides, pre-workout, using the compression massage therapy machine, can help muscles relaxing and strectching, to warm up before exercise, in this way, it can help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness after workout.

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Arm massager

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