How to prevente the edema of the upper limbs after breast cancer surgery ?? | SunLion

January 11, 2023
Patients will also suffer lymphadenopathy after surgery and swelling of the limbs. Many doctors suggest that patients take medicine. There are also many doctors and experts that patients use physical therapy like Air compression therapy device.


Many patients have upper limbs and hand edema after completing breast cancer surgery. If it is a patient with lymph edema, edema can be performed by locality massage. In addition to massage, it can also be treated by physical therapy such as air wave pressure massage instruments and lymph edema massage instruments. Usually pay attention to the shoulder of the opponent's surgical side for protection. Do not bring a pressure burden on the shoulder on the surgical side during activity, and try to keep the shoulder on the surgical side in a state of relaxation. For patients with venous edema, they should usually place their arms above the heart to avoid the increase of blood reflux resistance. When sleeping, you can use a few pillows to put your arms. Note that the entire arm should be matched. Can't just pad the upper arms or lower arms.


When in the recovery stage pay a attention as following ways suggest by the experience doctors:


1. The clothes usually wear should not be too tight need to pay special attention to the occurrence of edema. Do not let the edema's limbs contact hot water, and do not take hot bath, because this will exacerbate the severity of edema.


2. Do not eat spicy food. Have a regular work and rest, do not eat spicy and salty greasy food, eat more fruits, vegetables, drink water, and exercise in appropriate amount. It is good for postoperative edema.


3. Physical therapy: Air compression device. Compression arm Jackets. The two arms works as the same time. The air bags cover the breast. The air inflate massage the infected area improve the blood circulation prevent swelling. Helps recovery one step by one step.



However, is it definitely cause lymphadenopathy after breast surgery ? The answer is No. It can be prevented. See following points:


First, it is necessary to perform functional exercise according to the plan to increase muscle tension and vein lymphatic reflux, which can be promoted with the contraction and relaxation of the muscles.


Second, to avoid blood drawing on the affected limb, injection measures blood pressure to prevent damage.


Third, to protect the affected arm, prevent skin damage and infection, we wear gloves when needed.


Fourth, over -the -body items are extracted with the affected limb.


Fifth, avoid drooping sagging on the side limbs and excessive fatigue


Sixth, during daily activities, the affected arm should be appropriately used.


Seventh: Use lymph -edema air wave pressure massage instrument machine once a day. Use 30 minutes at a time.



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