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January 03, 2023

Lymphedema is a phenomenon of fibrous hyperplasia, fat sclerosis, limb swelling, and skin thickening caused by lymphatic reflux disorder. After suffering from lymphedema, the skin texture will deepen and the skin texture will become rough. After suffering from lymphedema, it will affect the health of the body. After the disease, timely treatment measures should be taken to make the disease under effective control. After suffering from lymphedema, non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment can be adopted.


The main cause of lymphedema is lymphatic obstruction or lymph node disease, which should be treated in time after suffering from the disease. The disease is relatively mild in the early stage of the disease, so many patients will ignore and delay treatment. After missing the best period of disease treatment, it will cause serious damage to the body. So after suffering from lymphedema, what methods can be adopted to help eliminate the edema?

1. Postural drainage

Patients with lymphedema can adopt postural drainage, which can promote the return of lymph fluid and relieve edema.

2. Pressure bandaging

On the basis of postural drainage, pressure bandaging can be implemented. Wearing elastic stockings or using elastic bandages for pressure bandage can promote the return of lymph fluid, and adopting pressure bandage can improve the phenomenon of edema.

3. Limit sodium intake

After suffering from lymphedema disease, it is necessary to strictly limit the intake of sodium and salt. Restricting the intake of sodium and salt can reduce the retention of sodium and water in the tissue.

4. Surgical treatment

Patients with severe lymphedema should undergo surgical treatment in time. Surgical treatment can significantly improve symptoms and relieve discomfort. Anti-infection measures should be taken after surgery.

Patients with lymphedema can take the above methods to reduce swelling. After receiving good treatment measures, the disease can be effectively controlled. Patients with lymphedema should eat a light diet during the treatment of the disease, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which will help the condition improve. During the treatment of the disease, avoid eating spicy food, irritating food and food that is prone to allergies.

Patients with lymphedema can massage in an appropriate amount during the treatment of the disease. Massaging the affected area can promote the return of lymph fluid. When massaging, you should move gently and avoid excessive force. Excessive force will cause damage to the affected limb. Many people will experience bad mood after suffering from a disease. During the treatment of the disease, it is necessary to maintain a good mood and avoid depression.

lymphedema massage

Sunlion pressotherapy lymphatic drainage machine provides safe, comfortable and suitable compression therapy for legs, adbomen/ waist or arms, it can effectively improve lymphedema in arms or legs.

lymphedema arm

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