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Air Compression Recovery Pump Boots System Hot Item IPC02

The recovery pump boots IPC02 is a professional massager system to provide automatic compression massage for care parts like legs, arm or waist, treating disease reltated to blood circulation disorder or lymph fluid disorder.

What makes the recovery boots effective is “sequential compression.” To put it on simply, it improve blood circulation. Each boot has four air chambers that works to push fluid up towards the heart, where it is then picked up by the lymphatic system, and eventually excreted out.

  • The benefits – Increases circulation, reduces blood lactate acids, relieves muscle swelling and soreness.

  • Who can benefit – Anyone! Especially effective for people with sprained ankles, post knee surgery and lymphedema (please consult your doctor first)

  • How long does it take – Generally, use the massager every day, two times per day, each time lasts 20 minutes, 7-10 days as a session. Visible results can been seen within the first session.


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